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Complete Mask Design Solutions from Layout to Tapeout

On-Site Services Available

  • IC layout / Mask Design
  • Physical Verification
  • LVS, DRC, ERC, DFM development
  • Mentor CALIBRE

  • Floorplanning
  • EDA Flow 
  • SKILL / AMPLE scripting
  • Cadence PVS / Assura
MDR Group is an integrated circuit mask design and EDA consulting firm located in Vancouver, WA. Our IC layout design staff is proficient in all aspects of physical design and verification, from layout to tapeout. Our CAD engineers are proficient in design flow methodologies, physical verification file development and support, as well as customization of EDA tools. We are particularly adept at high frequency, low noise designs, including RF applications, in either CMOS, BiCMOS or bipolar processes.
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